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Here for the relationships made through coffee and its power to bring people together.

For everything we do, we believe in relationships and people. We dream of a world where every cup of coffee has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Mental health and loneliness

Mental health and wellbeing has hit us all really hard, especially in recent times so we've made this the cornerstone of our coffee roasting business. Coffee brings people together and we can make a difference to people's lives through coffee.

Black Dog Outdoors

Blackdog Outdoors is a charity that re-connects people with the great outdoors for better mental health and wellbeing and we could think of no better charity to work with that aligns with our core values. They're managed by a small team of volunteers who all share similar interests in outdoor pursuits. They put on free events across the UK that include walking, climbing, paddlesports and biking to name a few. We agree wholeheartedly with their belief that being outdoors helps to improve mental health. Whether it's to blow away the cobwebs, bag a hill or practice yoga outdoors, this is a charity that we need more than ever coming out of national restrictions. 

In addition to raising funds through coffee sales and merch we aim to take part in their events later in the year and with our very own, happy derp of a black dog, Sydney.

Poor mental health is a growing concern in the UK. Statistics from the 2014 APMS (Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey) have highlighted that “every week, one in six adults will experience symptoms of a common mental health problem”. Startlingly, the survey also highlights that “one in five adults has considered taking their own life at some point”. It’s a fair assumption that, based on these facts, many people visiting this website will have been affected by mental health issues; either directly, or indirectly through family and friends.

The role of sport and recreation in improving mental health is now becoming increasingly clear. The effects of outdoor activities can include stress reduction, improved mood, improved self-esteem and improved health and general well-being. The real challenge lies in promoting the idea of “green exercise” to those that will benefit from it, providing opportunities for those people to take up outdoor activities, and to support and encourage them as they set out on their individual adventures. We have established Blackdog Outdoors to provide this service.

As a signatory of the Mental Health Charter we are actively encouraging people to take up outdoor activities and, to help people on their way, we organise recreational events for people to attend at no cost. Details of these events, which are managed by professionally qualified outdoor professionals and supported by mental health first aiders, can be found on the events page of this site.  We’re also working closely with organisations such as the British Mountaineering Council, Mountain Training Association, and Mountaineering Scotland to help further promote mental health issues within their respective communities.

Our website provides a hub of information, confirmed events, and links to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope that our work introduces you to many fine adventures, helps you meet like minded people, and provides you with the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities. Most importantly, we hope that it helps you to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Good luck, and enjoy, from all of us at Blackdog Outdoors.

From Andrew Higson, Director

Visit their website to learn more and take part in events


Fabio and the farm

If you missed our story about importing coffee directly from Colombia from the same farm we visited in 2019 you can find out more on our about page or if you listen to the podcast. We know just how difficult it is run a coffee farm and get a good price and we want to be able to continue making a difference to Fabio and his family at Finca Villa Natalia. That's why we're pledging some of the proceeds from our sales to go back in the pocket of the producer, to spend on whatever they like!