Meet the team

Suzy and Alex Carrington of Carringtons Coffee Co. Coffee Roasters at Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington


"In 2021 we’re levelling up, reaffirming and flying our core values. That is, coffee is about relationships and bringing people together. It has the ability to start a conversation and re-connect and we care deeply about mental health and loneliness. Single origin specialty coffee is what we do and to have exclusive coffees as part of our seasonal lineup has become a dream come true this year after importing directly from Colombia.” 


Coffee roasters - Suzy and Alex Carrington, Kenyon Hall Farm, 2021. 

Our Story

EARLY 2019
Husband and wife team and coffee enthusiasts, Suzy and Alex, trade in life at sea to start Carringtons Coffee Co.
MID 2019
A visit to a coffee farm in Colombia is the catalyst for promoting single origin specialty coffee and a relationship with the farmer.
LATE 2019
Roasting begins out of a garage with the first coffee sales in September 2019.  
EARLY 2020
Carringtons Coffee Co. moves in to Kenyon Hall Farm, Cheshire. National lockdown leads to the creation of “Coffee Mornings” livestreams. The effects of the lockdown on mental health are felt.
MID 2020
Planning begins for the import of coffee from the Colombian farm visited in 2019. Original plans for wholesale coffee and cold brew switch to online retail and subscription coffee.


1. 2014-2019 working for Disney Cruise Line as musicians. The start of their coffee journey began with friendships made here.
2. Music combined with coffee as they met a coffee farming family with a musical connection. When not at sea Suzy and Alex are performing musicians and wedding photographers.
3. Somewhere in the Caribbean sea... the decision is made to visit a coffee farm in Colombia!
4. Meet the family behind Finca Villa Natalia, a humble coffee farm in Huila, Colombia. This life changing experience is the foundation that Carringtons Coffee Co. is built upon.
5. Meet “Joy” the coffee roasting machine. She began life in pieces and was lovingly put back together.

6. "Coffee Morning" Live acoustic music, requests and coffee chat. 10am starts, 4 days a week over 3 months. Keeping those at home company.
7. A family-run farm, shop and cafe becomes the new home of Carringtons Coffee Co. www.kenyonhall.co.uk/
8. Chapter 1 of this story ends with the arrival of coffee from Finca Villa Natalia.