• How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

    Cafetière Method  To make Cold Brew Coffee using a cafetière, use a ratio of 1:10 Coffee : Cold Filtered Water Just add 60g of coarsely ground DIY...
  • Cold Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

    This is a great Bourbon cocktail to try at home and the inclusion of Cold Brew Coffee adds a nice layer with the ice.
  • Cold Brew White Russian Cocktail Recipe

    The White Russian is a sexy looking cocktail. The addition of Cold Brew Coffee in the mix complements the creaminess and the pouring of the single cream at the end transforms this cocktail into the most grown up of desserts.
  • Vecchia Romagna and Cold Brew Cocktail Recipe

    In Spain they call this Carajillo and Italy they call it Caffe Coretto. Both are similar and consist of a shot of coffee with the addition of a spirit - often brandy but sometimes Rum or Sambuca or whatever comes to hand. The bottle of Brandy is often delivered to the table allowing the person drinking this cocktail to determine how much they will add.
  • Porter Cold Brew Cocktail Recipe

    We read about this cocktail in a Cold Brew Coffee recipe book and curiosity got the better of us. It sounds odd on paper and in all honesty a good porter or stout on its own is good enough but if you want to get fancy or surprise friends or family with your mixology skills this cocktail does add a little extra. The addition of bourbon gives this cocktail a kick while the cold brew acts as a bridge between the two. The sweet vermouth is inspired and adds the missing sweetness to finish the Porter Cold Brew Cocktail off.
  • Turbo Gin & Tonic Cocktail Recipe

    As previously mentioned, Carringtons Coffee Co. DIY Cold Brew complements any citrusy cocktail incredibly well and our favourite is anything lime based. The classic G&T is no exception and you make it a turbo by adding a shot of Cold Brew Coffee. You really have to try this one - it adds a completely new dimension to a Gin and Tonic that’s subtle but moreish. It takes off a little of the edginess of the tonic and we think it makes it more refined.
  • Coffee Margarita Cocktail Recipe

    At Carringtons Coffee Co. we are a huge fan of Margaritas in any flavour and ice combination and most importantly - always served with a salted glass rim. The Coffee Margarita is welcomed into the Margarita club and we love the complementary combination of coffee and lime. As Carringtons Coffee Co. DIY Cold Brew has no bitterness the coffee flavour is so well balanced with the traditional Margarita flavours.
  • Cold Brew Negroni & Tonic Cocktail Recipe

    The Negroni complements and accentuates the naturally citrusy flavour profile of Carringtons Coffee Co. DIY Cold Brew and the addition of tonic water makes this delicious orangey cocktail last a little longer. We could drink these all evening and it’s an easy cocktail to make. Fill a rocks glass with ice and give it a little stir at the end.

  • Cold Brew Martini Cocktail Recipe

    The Espresso Martini, which in our opinion is the perfect coffee cocktail, has a new and worthy challenger. Using cold brew allows for a longer drink and new methods for making a coffee Martini cocktail. Our favourite Cold Brew Martini is made using a nitro siphon gun but the following recipe is perfect for making multiple Cold Brew Martinis at once.
  • Cold Brew Soda Cocktail Recipe

    This cocktail is ridiculously refreshing. It’s like having an adult cola with the perfect balance of sweetness and alcohol. Combine all the ingredients in a glass jar and stir, garnish with a slice of lemon.